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Given that the cast is still close, is a reunion special possible? "The legacy is so important to us. Every year it just gets deeper and more important to everybody—we just have to do it right," Stamos said. "We've started working on a twist on a sequel but we don't know if it's going to happen yet or not.

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full house sequel ‘Full House’ Sequel Series in Development   Will You Watch?



One of the most beloved sitcoms from the ’90s, Full House, may soon be returning to TV in a sequel series centered on D.J. and Stephanie Tanner. Don’t worry: Danny, Joey, Jesse and Rebecca are likely returning, as well.


When Full House was canceled in 1994, it was still pulling in 11 million viewers an episode.  After cancellation, Full House went on to gain even more popularity in syndication, where it was said to be so popular that there would always be an episode of Full House airing somewhere in the world. Today, Full House still airs in 11 countries, including America. Perhaps it’s not such a bad idea to give this juggernaut show another go?


FOX411: John Stamos said there might be a 'Full House' reunion.

Lori Loughlin: I haven't heard much about that. I think it would be focusing more on Candace Cameron and Jodi Sweetin's characters. I personally have not received any official phone call. 

FOX411: So would you do it?

Lori Loughlin: Depends on what it is. Clearly if John was involved absolutely I would consider being involved.


With the Boy Meets World sequel, the Full House sequel will continue by telling a modern tale of the Tanner family, with D.J. and Stephanie (and most likely their family).  If D.J. and Stephanie growing up plays a part in how they’ll raise their own families, don’t be surprised if some familiar faces move in to help make each of their homes as “full” as they can be.

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Written by - - — October 27, 2013


Bilal Ahmed :

Yayy !
Miss these shows, sitcoms need make a come back like TGIF !!

November 03 2013


Yes yes yes yes!! My sisters and I taped every single show growing up! It was a huge part of my childhood! Inside jokes with Full House humor never get old!

November 03 2013

Pamela M:

YESSS please please my favorite childhood show

November 04 2013

Romina :


November 04 2013


Yes please bring it back. There are no more wholesome family shows anymore. My kids can’t watch any primetime tv. Full house is on from like 6-9 at our house.

November 04 2013


He’ll yes I’ll be watching. Loved the original,still watch reruns with my 4 year old.

November 04 2013


I loved that show growing up, my kids love it now on the re-runs. As long as the sequel show follows same storyline and isn’t messed up and inappropriate like most shows today we will watch. I do not enjoy seeing what this world is allowing to air on tv and radio it is sickening. Please keep the show clean, as it was before. It was a wonderful show and a sequel would be awesome!

November 04 2013

Gwendolyn Graves:

It was cute for the time. I don’t think that it would do well competing with all the trash people have been assaulted with. Sorry I don’t think we can return to yester year. Maybe it could be the beginning of TV understanding that we are tired of vampires, serial killers being heroes, criminals being celebrated, waiting on someone to die to see the investigations, or these God awful reality shows. Maybe it could be a cry for help, but it will not survive given all the trash and gruesome will have been saturated with. I don’t even watch TV anymore, b/c it is trashy, predictable, bad writing, not funny , interesting, or good.

November 04 2013


im young, and i didnt grow up with full house but i found it and i love it! i cant wait for the next series!

November 04 2013


Would be cool but it’s not going to happen.

November 04 2013



November 04 2013


I hope the Olsen girls would be on also. They are just as important to still be on and they were and still are loved.

November 04 2013


Please omg i love this show

November 05 2013


My daughter and I would love this to air!

November 05 2013

Eve P.:

I still watch the reruns with my husband. Such a great wholesome show!

November 07 2013


We would love for this to air!! My 10yr old loves the show!!

November 08 2013


Hey. I love full house!! It’s my favorite show ever!! I wish it was on more offen! I wish I can meet the cast too

November 09 2013


But It will soon!! Can wait to see the new episodes!! I love full house Laotians I can’t wait to watch it again!! It’s my number one fav show in the world! I wishing can meet the full house cast too!!

November 09 2013


omg I love this show yay

November 10 2013


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (x 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000099999999999999999888888888888888887777777777766677666666666666555555555554444444443333333332222222222)

November 12 2013

daniel m:

im 11 years old and i watch full house i love it bring it back plz yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

November 12 2013


Best show ever

November 24 2013


Yes please ever since I was little I loved this show and I still watch it every night on Nickelodeon channel at night and I would enjoy it terrifically if this show would become again my entire family watched this show and miss it and we want it back I have a big family to I miss this show and all teens I know say they miss it too we all think it would be so cool how it would be transformed because I mean they would all be older so would they all live in the same house still(even the kids) I heard about this new show today from friends of mine and I am curious how it would be I can’t wait if it happens I wish it will so badly

November 24 2013


I want full house back!!!

November 25 2013

joe l:

Please bring it back I am 13 and I luv it so do all my friends it will be a succes

December 01 2013


i like full house it need to come back

January 15 2014


I have every single episode EVER made.I thought it was cruel to make this an April joke.PPPPPPPPPPPPllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeee bring it back Im only 11 ,but I think it teaches great life lessones and is a WONDERFUL show for kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 19 2014


i really hope full house come back i love it i cant stop watching it

January 26 2014


It would be fun to see a reunion. I still watch all the reruns.

January 31 2014


trying to do exactly what the tv show , boys meet world just did. got to see this , lol,

February 01 2014


I would cry if it aired again. This show means to much to me.

March 03 2014


whats up

March 05 2014


Well I didnt grow up with full house but one day I saw the commercial and it seemed funny so I watched it and liked it hope they return

March 12 2014

Renee :

Would love to see this show back on!!!!!

March 16 2014


Please get “the crew” back together and make more shows! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 19 2014


I love full house.but im sorry but D.J. and mashal is my faiveret

March 19 2014



March 19 2014

Erica Jacobson:

Full house is awsome becuse it,s funny.

March 20 2014

Erica jacobson:

I hate tessa and teddy and I love my mom ok and my dad . Sup

March 20 2014

alicia edmondson:

Would love it to come back but only if it is as family oriented as before. Something the whole family can watch. It should NEVER be done with cursing or nasty jokes.

March 24 2014

karina farnham:

Hi guys you are fhe best ever I always watch yourTV show I think it’s the best ever I love you

March 26 2014


I love this show

March 26 2014


this the best show I ever watch

March 28 2014

makenzie brundage:

i love Full House! i hope Mr.sexy stamos is right!

April 02 2014


It should come back because it is the best show in the world

April 02 2014


I love full house bring it back

April 02 2014


PPppppppppppppppplllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaassssseeeeee bring back Full House it is the best show ever and Nicky and Alex r awesome

April 03 2014

Dylan :

Bring it back

April 03 2014



April 09 2014



April 09 2014

Melanie Riette:

Bring back full house

April 10 2014


I really hope this isn’t a rumor! I can’t wait! The first time I watched was at my hotel room and I love! I watch it every day!

April 12 2014


please a sequel

April 12 2014


I think it whould be cool to meet dj and stephanie aweso michell in peron

April 12 2014

Sam Chapman:

Bring that show back! U would be crazy not to!

April 13 2014


I love full house or at least my sister does I expect a good summer full house and girl meets world YES!

April 15 2014

Lexis Gillenwater :

I would really like to meet you guys it was the show that I got addicted to and the show that changed my life by brightening my days and teaching me about sad times angry times love and most importantly family so I say go sequel go

April 18 2014


That would be awesome if they got back together!!! I have a collection of all of the seasons on DVDs!!!!! I still watch them all the time!!! Bring them back together!!!!

April 21 2014


OMG yes!!

April 21 2014


i didnt grow up watching this show but i saw a commercial for it and thought it looked pretty good and i watched it and instantly got hooked. This show NEEDS to come back on!

April 22 2014

John Stamos :

have mercy

April 22 2014


Hi I love full house and wild hope that it will come back very soon but I really like Michelle so I would perfure if You put her in the new show too. SO Exited!!!!!!! I hope it’s not a rumer and will come true soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 23 2014


Never do a another show on full house because it is the werst show on earth I fell asleep the last time I saw it!!!!!!!!!! I hate that show!!!! Never get them together or I will give bad reviews. My names CUPCAKE! :•)

April 23 2014


I love full house I’m watching it right now

April 23 2014



April 24 2014


well full house is the best show ever made .omg

April 25 2014


I hope the two sets of twins also return I need all the full house characters to come if not I will cry until I die

April 27 2014


How come they didn’t mention anything about the twins I love them and they didn’t mention michelle my favorite character in the show. Hope they focus the sequel on all the children not just dj (Candice) and Stephanie (Judi)

April 29 2014



April 30 2014


best show i love it

May 01 2014


If you bring it back make sure its kind of like the old ones I don’t want some boy obsessed Stephanie like all the other girls theses days. Bring make the 80s it’ll be fun! Also make sure Comet has an offspring so they can have the offspring be their dog. The offspring will be so cute!

May 09 2014

haha smith:

im 14 and I watch it every time its on my faviorte charcter is joey and for a rerun that means that I could see them on tv were I am alive and there in the 21 century so brig it back cause all I her around her is friends witch is boring so full house come back

June 13 2014

Shawn M Keys:

I love watching D.J andStephanie and Michelle because they’re so cute

June 21 2014

Melissa :

OMG yes bring it back. Every night when I work midnights I watch reruns of Full House!! It makes switching from day shift to the occasional night shift amazing!! I know everyone is saying that the Olsen twins have to be on it but Michelle could live farther away or be going to college or grad school somewhere. All they really have to do is keep mentioning Michelle in the show and definitely have her make an appearance around the holidays!! And any twin boys could play Nicky and Alex!! (Only because I heard Blake and Dylan are out of show business). I mean no kid looks exactly the same as when they were three. What would be great is to have all the other main character in it plus have Steve make cameos or guest appearences!! And having Uncle Jessie’s parents make an appearence would rock!! This could be another amazing show!!! (Oh and by the way I count Kimmy as a major character!) plus having one of Stephanie’s friends (like Gia maybe?) and maybe one of Michelle’s friends pop up at least once would be great too!!!

June 28 2014

Melissa :

OMG yes bring it back. Every night when I work midnights I watch reruns of Full House!! It makes switching from day shift to the occasional night shift amazing!! I know everyone is saying that the Olsen twins have to be on it but Michelle could live farther away or be going to college or grad school somewhere. All they really have to do is keep mentioning Michelle in the show and definitely have her make an appearance around the holidays!! And any twin boys could play Nicky and Alex!! (Only because I heard Blake and Dylan are out of show business). I mean no kid looks exactly the same as when they were three. What would be great is to have all the other main character in it plus have Steve make cameos or guest appearences!! And having Uncle Jessie’s parents make an appearence would rock!! This could be another amazing show!!! (Oh and by the way I count Kimmy as a major character!) plus having one of Stephanie’s friends (like Gia maybe?) and maybe one of Michelle’s friends pop up at least once would be great too!!

June 28 2014

evan surez:

since it might happen is their a official return date and will it be on Disney channel everyday

July 02 2014


Yes, please bring it back. Me and my sister love full house. We would love it.

July 21 2014


woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo iv been waiting my whole life 4 this

July 23 2014


omg thts soo great girl meets world full house also this is great I wonder if dj married steve or viper or nelson dang dj has it good 2 hot guys and 1 rich guy niceeeeee

July 23 2014


I love this show can’t wait till they come out with the sequel #so #excited

July 28 2014


please let be more red these comment we want more look you can get like 100 mill every show un like the other show we have it not the best

August 07 2014

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August 25 2014

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August 25 2014


I can’t belive it please do it I love I was so exited when girl meets world came from the previous shoe boy meets world yay please do it

August 26 2014


Omg I watch full house EVERY NIGHT TILL 11:00 PLEASE COME BACK

August 26 2014

Karissa :

Bring full house back I love it its the best

August 26 2014


Keep full house on forever

August 26 2014


Bring full house back I love it it is the best

August 26 2014


YES!!!! Please bring it back!!!! So meany memories and amazing childhood memories! This is epic! Can’t wait to see what’s ahead for the Full House cast !

August 28 2014


Please bring it back I would love it please I don’t know why it even stoped it was such a great show so I’m sooo excited thanks

August 30 2014


I LOVE full house!!!!!!!!!!! Its my fav show!!!!!!!! I almost watch it every day!!!!!!!!!!

September 01 2014


yep john stamos said on his twitter

September 05 2014


I love the show I have all 8 season I watch every night I have to girls also watch the show! Bring them back please love all of them!

September 07 2014


I loved full house. I’ll definitely watch if they bring on the sequel :)

September 07 2014


Just …… OMG

September 09 2014


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September 12 2014


iLOVE full house i really wish i coud meet you

November 06 2014


i think the show is the is grate compeard to cupcakes coment. My favorite person in the show is Olsen twins and jodie and candes. Please bring it back i’m 7 years old Please ansewr dont lisen to cupcake.

November 06 2014


have mercy. I ment take cupcake April 23 2014

November 06 2014


Hello I’m 15 and I absolutely love this show they make me laugh they teach life lessons they are a perfect example of what a good family is suppose to be loving caring being there for you wether you are feeling sad or your mad or if you need a laugh my 13 yr old brother and watch this show and we absolutely love this show so what I’m saying is that you should get everyone back together again for the sequel of Full House I think its a wounderful idea! ♪♪

February 22 2015

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